Monday, July 13

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I know you are all dying to know how my weekend went, so I'll tell you. It was nice. There, now you can all relax. Saturday was not as productive as I would've liked. I did get some groceries bought, had my touch-up done, cooked an omelet for Husband and myself. And then I took the nap. The nap was the black death for productivity. Not much got done after that. I just couldn't really wake up. I'm going to try *not* napping next Saturday.

Sunday, we made it to church! Despite the fact that I was in a fowl, evil mood. Church helped some.

I also read a lot of back posts and realized that I say I'll update y'all on something and then never do. I've also noticed all the things I've wanted to do or tried to do and never did/finished. Wow. I'm a loser. I'm going to try not being a loser. I'll let y'all know how that goes.

Here's my updated list:

  • cook two meals - complete!
  • get my lunch packed at least twice - complete!
  • shine my sink - I don't want to talk about it :(
  • read my Bible - complete!
  • 3 15-minute declutter sessions (these are *wonderful*) - I did two. Still good!
  • start incorporating the 2 minute hotspot (mail table) rescue to my evening routine - not at all! didn't even think about it!
Building on this list from last week, here is the list for this week:
  • cook two meals
  • get my lunch packed at least three times
  • clean the kitchen at least once
  • shine my sink
  • read my Bible
  • 3 15-minute declutter sessions
  • start incorporating the 2 minute hotspot
  • swish and swipe the little bathroom at least twice
Some of these may look familiar. I *did* get my downstairs toilet quite clean. I hate doing toilets. I now have a toilet brush that sits in water with lavendar soap. I'll use that to do the swish and swipe.

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