Monday, July 20

Another message from the datacenter

It's late. I'm tired, cold and hungry. I'm in an oppressively dry, loud and frigid environment. There are warm pockets of air. It's like swimming in a lake and finding a warm spot of water. I feel like I'm in a very low-grade tornado due to the air movement. My hair looks awesome. Think 80's music video.

I want to go home.

It's lonely here.

and loud.

More error alerts in my email. They number in the hundreds.


Mr. Boss and Mr. Boss' Boss work diligently.

I sit in the datacenter and wait.

I wait to push a button. But it's a ridiculously stupid button that I have to use a pen to push. My purse pen because the guys can't manage to leave a freaking pen in the datacenter. Where is it cold. and loud.

Or, perhaps, I don't push a button.

I wait.

I may be recalled to the office where I will take orders, hover, watch, learn, absorb, try to be useful, fail at that, etc.

I may be sent home.

Where I will drink some milk then go to sleep.

The world seems so far away from within the walls of the datacenter. It's at least beyond three secured doors.



    click the big, colorful "free tetris"
    click play
    click OK
    use your arrow buttons
    drift into a coma

    buy a bigger purse and keep an airplane blanket in it. And one pair of really thick wool socks.

  2. I keep a jacket at the datacenter for the purpose of combatting the cold. I'll have to add socks to my stash.

    free tetris. excellent idea.


  3. First: Nice poem. Human suffering seems to evoke the truest emotions. If you ever decide to become a professional poet, you know where to go.

    Second: If you'd rather not become a poet, I suggest you take a large cardboard box (oven or refrigerator sized is best) and place it face down near the servers you are working on. This will now be your sanctuary. Then all you need is access to an electrical outlet, a hair dryer, a humidifier, and some glowsticks....for reading....

    p.s. I find that glowsticks are best for keeping stuff "not on fire".

    Good luck.