Monday, June 29

Weekend in review

I am chugging right along on my effort to establish good habits. I've kept my sink shiny. I've read my Bible every morning for 15 minutes. There are other things I've accomplished as well, but these are the two that need to be routine. Husband and I did a 15 minute declutter in our downstairs junk room. Yes! We have a junk room for each level of our house! We are going to try to do 15 minutes every day. But if we miss a day? Big deal! Who cares! We will just continue working the next day or the next week or whatever. The important thing is that I don't beat myself up for missing one day.

I got some bittersweet news this weekend. A really good friend of Husband's and mine is moving to D.C. That's pretty far from Austin. I'm worried that it is a permanent move. I'm happy for him, though. I think it will be a good move for him personally and professionally. But that doesn't erase the fact that I'm going to miss him a lot! *sigh*

Other than that, we had company this weekend, followed up by more company. Needless to say, not a lot of food prep happened. However, if my goal had been to eat out a *lot*, then I would've met that goal.

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  1. I need to bring you a book I've got on home organization. I started to re-read it recently and recently realized that I've integrated a lot of those ideas into my cleaning habits. It deals with the whole perfectionist/messie thing. I've really gotten on board with the whole concept of making it cleaner, not necessarily clean, and being happy with that. "Well, it's better than it WAS." goes through my mind a lot now which is refreshing. Or even better, "that thing is now closer to where it belongs than it was". We frequently have a pile on the stairs of stuff that needs to go to the other floor. Getting stuff up or down the stairs is usually 2/3rds of the battle for me. But don't use a basket! The empty basket gets viewed as clutter after a while.