Monday, April 27

Weekend in review

You all saw the list of things I could've done this weekend. Now for the list of things that I actually did.
  • Kitchen got squeaky clean! Yeah!
    the secret: use a hairdryer to dry the tile to get all the fluff and dog hair off
    what I learned: never ever buy a house that has high gloss tile in the kitchen
  • Two casseroles of chili mac were made and one was delivered to a friend with twin babies
    and the kitchen was still clean
  • I met with a friend of mine to help him study for some exams for becoming an actuary
  • I decided I want to be an actuary too, and am now studying for these same exams
  • I've read the first chapter in my statistics text and have done 10 of the practice problems
  • I have trepidations but am excited
  • Started a batch of kombucha
  • Washed all of our bedding

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