Tuesday, April 7

I made some hooch!

I did my first double ferment of kombucha. Quick run down on the steps:
  1. brew a gallon of tea, add a cup of sugar and let cool
  2. pour tea into a gallon jar and add your scoby (mushroom)
  3. let sit out for five days
  4. put a small amount of fruit juice into the bottom of several jars
  5. fill up the jars with your fermented tea
  6. let the jars ferment for a few more days then put in fridge
I had more fermented tea than I had jar space, so I drank some of my kombucha right away. It was pleasantly tart and fizzy. Reminded me of a lemon tea punch of some sort. I tried one of my double fermented jars (the ones with the juice added) and it tasted like a wine cooler. As in alcohol. Not strong but definitely alcohol. I think the juice had too much sugar in it so the yeast took over and produced more alcohol than one would normally want in kombucha. Oh well, live and learn.

I'm still drinking it. It is yum.

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