Sunday, March 1

Aaaacghgh! It's almost Monday.

And we've already covered how I feel about Monday.


I'd like to warn everyone that I've been reading a lot of Amalah who writes with a very snarky, bitter-alcoholic-sailor tone. (I do sensor it in my mind. Don't ask me how, I don't want to get into it.) I tend to write in a similar tone to what I've been reading. I'm not original and have never claimed to be.

Today started with church and ended with church. Presbyterian in the morning, Catholic in the evening. Church was good. I needed church. A good friend of ours also invited us over for clam spaghetti. I was apprehensive, but was looking forward to giving it a try. After all, if I like this recipe, then I have a shellfish recipe that I can make. and like. and will eat. I did like it and will try to make it myself sometime soon.

I've gotten exactly 1.3 loads of laundry done this weekend. Only 789,763,233.7 to go! And of the 1.3 loads that I've "done," none of it has been put away. Spinner = laundry fail.

I also got to attend the second first birthday party for my youngest godson. That was very enjoyable except that his mommy has a green thumb and a sunny yard. I can't decide which I'm most jealous of, the fact that she has a child or the fact that she can grow beautiful plants. I would *really* like to be able to grow things. and have a child.

On an unrelated note, I've completely convinced a guy at work that I want to get pregnant mostly to increase the size of my feet because I have some really cute shoes that are just a little too big. Tech guys make this sort of thing soooo easy. Especially if they are Unix Tech guys. I will so sudo control their feeble, shell command minds. Mwa ha ha.


  1. You absolutely crack me up! Just what I needed this morning! 1.3 loads and the growing feet! While I spent 90 minutes in the tub last night, I convinced hubby that having the laundry hung and in the closet made my difficult mornings SOOOOOO much easier. So he hung and put them away! Badly, but still, I could find black pants this morning!

  2. HW,

    Congratulations! You have done two things I haven't. One, laundry. Two, not complain when your husband does something nice, but does it badly. I'm such a bad wife. I don't know why Husband married me. Maybe he's masochistic.