Wednesday, March 4

TTC: Update

Temp was still high this morning.

That thermometer is so broken.

Or I ovulated.

I'm resisting the urge to pee on sticks. I estimate that I am 6dpo. Or the thermometer is broken.


  1. Don't pee on sticks for at least 8 more days!!! Sticks are expensive. So are thermometers. Don't pitch your thermometer yet. If you have two thermometers that show tenths (not hundredths) then you could nuke a cup of water an stick them both in - see if they match.

  2. HW, you are so very wise. I am not. I took your suggestion and used my regular thermometer and my basal thermometer to see if they would match up. However, I used my tea as the test. My tea that I had just made from near boiling water. Needless to say, both thermometers stated "Err" which means "Holy crap! You're dead! Because you are nearly boiling!"

    I repeated the test with tea that was slightly not-warm to me when I drank it. They matched. Temp is still high this morning.