Wednesday, October 20

Oh my goodness, am I becoming a lady?

I'm reading a guest post over at Empowered Traditionalist. It's on being a "lady," which I have never considered myself to be. Am I a capable woman? yes. Am I a professional? most of the time, yes. Do I embrace my femininity? yes. (Except when I wear men's sweat pants. That's not so feminine.) But I have never considered myself to be a lady. To me a lady has a house that is always perfect. Knows how to always look just-so. Can hostess any event. Is always polite. Is never offensive.

But then I read this:
"Whether or not you wear linen after Labor Day, the essence of being a lady is an others-oriented mindset. A lady is both regimented and flexible; compassionate and strong. A lady reaches out to others by disciplining herself."
Hmm. Regimented flexibility and self discipline is exactly what I'm trying to instill in my life. Maybe I'm trying to become a lady without even realizing it. Of course, this really hinges on the definition of the word.

But there is also this little list:
  • A lady always respects other people’s time whether at the office or at home
    That I do! Always!
  • A lady returns any item she borrows in a timely manner
    Hmmm. No so much. My fix, I don't borrow.
  • A lady never points out the imperfections of her mate to others
    Epic. Fail.
    But I'm working on it.
  • A lady turns off her cell phone at an event or dinner out
    Yeah! I do this!
  • A lady uses her turn signals when driving
    That's not being a lady. That's just not being a moronic ass-wipe. (Typing ass-wipe probably precludes me from ladyship.)
  • A lady does not wear clothes so revealing they embarrass others
    Um. I don't think I do this. Some people have been aghast at the whiteness of my legs.
  • A lady does not wear linen before Easter nor after Labor Day
    Done! I don't own linen.
  • A lady does not brag, whine, nag, or gossip
    Hmmm. Well. Anyway.
So, I think my point is that maybe I'm on my way to being my version of what a lady is. Maybe being a lady doesn't mean having a museum perfect house, but a house that is welcoming. Maybe ladies aren't perfect hostesses, but are willing to hostess and show hospitality. Maybe she isn't perfectly dressed all the time but just takes pride in her appearance.

I'm not giving up my men's sweat pants, though.

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