Tuesday, October 26

Camping and other stuff

We went camping this past weekend and it was great! We bought a new tent, one that could fit our air mattress this time, and discovered that our air mattress leaks badly and ended up sleeping on the ground anyway. Again.

Our new tent is water tight. We got a bit of rain. We were predicted to have 50 mph winds and hail, but we stuck it out. This is Texas. Weather is iffy. We knew that a prediction for hail could mean perfectly clear skies, or wrath-of-God style hail with tornadoes. We got the former.

Highlights of camping out: bacon and eggs cooked over a fire in the morning, falling asleep to the sound of the breeze through the cottonwood leaves, seeing the non-Texans react to the armadillo that visited us each night, building a fire from the previous night's coals, time with friends.

Also, I think the video game, Culdcept, is one of the best things to happen to me a long time. The game is made up of short segments, boardgame style. So after my turn, I have to wait for my opponents to have their turns. During this time, I get up and do stuff. My house is a lot tidier. My laundry is pretty much caught up. My lunch gets packed. It's awesome. Who knew playing a video game would bring out the adult in me?

1 comment:

  1. I wanna go camping like that!!! Please, please, please, please can I!!! My life sucks like a hoover right now and I could really use some cottonwood naps and armadillo fun. I once had to try to explain what an armadillo looked like and said a cat with armor. The European I said this to didn't believe me until we pulled up a picture on the internet.

    Oh, and there for a minute, I thought the video game was at the campsite. I'm glad it wasn't. That would ruin the cottonwood naps.