Saturday, November 20

Habit Forming: Exercise and Bible Reading II

Exercise habit is going great! I'm enjoying my XBOX as I type :)

I'm gradually increasing the duration of exercise each day, but I still only need 10 minutes to qualify for XBOX time. There are some evenings when 10 minutes is just all I can do.

Here are my sources for exercise:
  • 10-minute solutions: Pilates (video)
  • The T Tapp basic workout (video)
  • Wii Fit
  • (awesome!)
  • jogging (C25K iPhone app)
  • walking (as a cool down)
  • bikini bootcamp (book)
As I may have posted earlier, I've completed the Bible. Now I want to reread it and record the verses that I particularly like or find interesting. I just need to buy the journal.


  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I'm glad that my story has given you some encouragement. I know from experience that a little encouragement and hope can make TTC a little more bearable. It can be such a difficult road to travel, but in the end -- when your baby is in your arms -- you will know that the tears and frustration was worthwhile.

  2. Hey, Jenny! Thanks for stopping by!