Monday, July 26

TTC: Another test, another negative

Sooooo. I meant to have the previous post posted on Friday and then talk about the post coital test we had today. But it took a lot of time to do those pictures of my chart. The version of paint I have at work doesn't work right. Not that I would ever work on my blog at work. That's just not ethical.
Update: That post actually did post on Friday, even though I finished it and posted today. Go look at Friday for that post. Weird.
Hence, two TTC posts in one day. Lucky you!

Soooooo. Post. Coital. That means after sex. We had to do it in the doctor's office so they could see what was going on right after we did it.

Not really. That's what I *thought* it was. Much to our relief, we just had to do it one or two (or both!) days before the test. I had an ultrasound to check out the ovaries. I have a well-developed follicle on my right side, I'll have you know. Then a sample was taken of my cervical mucus. We looked at it under the microscope right then (well, after I put my clothes back on). There were no spermies. None. Zee. Row.

Soooooo. That's not good. But it's also not the end of the world. Chances are still good that we can conceive through IUI. Which we will do. Twice this week. Wednesday and Thursday. IUI days.

Also, previous to this appointment, we found out that Husband has epididymitis. It's an infection in the epididymis. That's a man part. He's on a round of antibiotics to clear that up. Then he needs to do a sperm test. Then we will get him on the HCG shots to increase his testosterone.

Sooooooo. There's still hope. Husband's sperm may get better. IUI may work. We may get pregnant.

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