Tuesday, April 20

Late quarterly update on resolutions

I figured it was time to review my resolutions that were made in January and note my progress, or lack thereof.
  1. Liver. Find a way to prepare liver that I like, or at least, will eat.
    Progress: None
  2. Kefir soda. I'm not going to get too specific on this. Basically, something made with kefir that is fizzy, like a soda. I might use coconut water, or something else.
    Progress: I've thought about it. Does that count?
  3. More ferments. I want to make Kimchi (Korean sauerkraut) and Tsukemono (Japanese sauerkraut) and pickled carrots with ginger. I love the pickled carrots on a samich.
    Progress: Again, I've thought about it. Even bought the carrots and ginger at one point.
  4. Vitamin D. I need to get my level of calcidiol (storage form of vitamin D) checked and get it within a normal range if it is low.
    Progress: I did get my calcidiol checked. It was low. I'm supplementing to get it higher. We have another check in a few weeks.
  5. Exercise. Three times a week. Something. Anything. 10 minutes of movement would count.
    Progress: Meh. I'm still working on it. But I haven't given up. In fact, I did 20 minutes of kettlebell workout yesterday.
  6. Laundry. Keep caught up on laundry and the closet clean. We shall see how this goes...
    Progress: This went really well for the first two months. I need to get re-caught up again. Pokemon time may become fold and iron time. (yes, we watch the back episodes of Pokemon in the evenings)
  7. Bible. Finish reading it. I got out of my groove when I had to put the Bible reading on hold due to cramming for the ITIL v.3 Foundations certification.
    Progress: I'm back in my groove. I'm well into Jeremiah and am full steam ahead. I still predict that the whole Bible will be read before Christmas.