Tuesday, January 5

Camping Review

We went camping for New Year's. It was very very cold. We learned a few things.
  1. We (I) are spatially challenged. There was *no* *way* the air mattress was going to fit into that tent. So very sad. A thermapad is not the same as an air mattress.

  2. The ground. It is hard. So very hard. And cold. And uneven.

  3. I'm full-blown claustrophobic! I always knew I was a little claustrophobic. I'm so claustrophobic that I cannot sleep in a mummy bag. That's the type of sleeping bag that gets narrower below your hips and zips up to your chin. I kept having panicky moments of frantically unzipping my bag. I ended up sleeping with my bag unzipped. Unzipped = cold.

  4. If your sleeping bag is rated to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, it means 40 degrees and not a degree below.
    25 degrees is way out.

  5. It's hard to cook breakfast when your fingers are burning from the cold.

  6. I'm a weenie.
Luckily we also learned these things.
  1. We love camping! and Fire! and parents who will bring you blankets!
    They were coming anyway. They're good parents, but I'm not sure they're *that* good.

  2. We love our friends! especially the one who was an Eagle Scout!
    He was pretty much solely responsible for the cooking and fire. Andrew, you are my only hope!
I think the major contributing factor to the success of our camping trip was the fact that not a one of us is a whiner. We all froze our asses off, but we never whined about it. We just threw another log on the fire. Everyone always had a positive, up-beat attitude. Did I mention that I love my friends? I do.

We also got a picture of one of these. Which was the whole point behind the trip. Yeah!

It's a bald eagle. It was very far away. But so awesome!


  1. Very brave. I want to go camping this summer. In an rv.

  2. LOL! I'm not sure "brave" is the right word. Stupid might be more like it :)